Thursday, February 4, 2010

School, Work, Volunteering, Baby-sitting, oh my!

I feel like today was a beautiful depiction of what my life is going to be like the next few months. I woke up and didn't go to class (hopefully this won't be a depiction, I just needed a break), went to work, went to an orientation at Good Samaritan for working with the Alzheimer's patients, and I ended my day by baby-sitting (oh and some homework after that.) So, had I gone to class this morning I would have gone to school, gone to work, volunteered at Good Sam, baby-sat, and done homework. Which is pretty much a day full of the five activities that shall consume my life these next few months.

My evening was really lovely. I spent two and a half hours learning about elderly care and then spent two and a half hours baby-sitting. The differences between the two are striking, but even more so are the similarities. I haven't really been around older people very much. Obviously I have grandparents, but they don't seem that old. And of course I have been in the customer service industry since I was 16 so I've served many elderly folk in my day. And there are all those years that I used to go trick-or-treating at the nursing home my grandma used to work in. It's just that I've never had too much experience being around, and especially not working long-term with them. I know I sound absolutely ridiculous and ignorant, but please know that my heart is in the right place. I purposely decided to work at Good Sam with the Alzheimer's patients because I wanted to be stretched and experience working with a population I haven't yet. I could have easily worked with children or teenagers or the homeless, all three of which I've spent much interaction with... but I wanted to learn something new.

Tomorrow I will have my first real day at Good Sam, working directly with the patients. I think I will be doing activities with them that are intended to improve memory, fine motor skills, social skills, etc. I am somewhat nervous, but honestly? I'm just really excited. I was so impressed with my orientation tonight. The volunteer coordinator and everyone else I met had a heart of gold, the facilities are fantastic, and the place emanated with Christ's love. I think this semester is going to teach me a lot about the love of God... something I'm going to enjoy.

Today was a day that had the potential to be exhausting, draining, soul-shattering. But it was none of the above. Instead, I felt alive today for the first time in awhile. And relaxed. Skipping class today and starting my day with a bath and a time to just breath was the best plan I've had in a long time. I think there's something to be said about Sabbath. I'm going to be insanely busy for quite awhile, and I want to remember the importance, the vitality of rest.

I'm writing again, and it feels good (:


graffitigirl said...

So how did the first day go?

And you know what I just realized today? If you put the word gold up to a mirror, depending on the typeface, it reads 'blog'. Pretty neat, right?

Stepheny Weaver said...

Hey Samantha...

I don't know if you remember me... I'm pretty sure you do. :) Stepheny Weaver. We used to write to each other before all both of our lives got too busy and I lost track of your blog... I've tried to email you, but you must have a new email address. :(

Hope we can start emailing/ blogging together again.

BTW, remember the post I put up about my mom having a baby... well I think after that is when we lost contact, she is ONE year old now... and growing EVER so fast..,. Please take a look at my blog and comment... I'd like to know if you still remember who I am. :) lol :) It's been a long time!

Have a great day! Hope to hear from you soon!